Monday, November 16, 2009

Trying differnt pastel papers

Painting No. 1 pastlemat 10"18"
This afternoon I tried to paint the same picture I did the day before on different paper.  Yesterday I painted November walk on Pastelmat on a 10"x18" piece of paper.  I posted it on Face book and someone asked if it was for sale.  Of course I said yes but I was secretly sad because I have a problem letting go.  I always feel I will never be able to do that painting again and would I really want to.  So today I tried to repaint the same picture on 8"10" piece on sanded paper.  And guess what?....I didn't like it!  The first one I thought was better.  Was it because I was bored painting the same subject twice? Or was it because of the paper?  I think a bit of both.  So sadly when a painting sells it is A one off piece never to be seen again.  Selling a painting is bitter sweet.  But it has to be done.

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Stephen said...

I agree with your assessment, the first picture is better. Its better because the background in the forest is darker and more in line with the tone of the foreground. I think the first one could still be darker like looking deeper in to a forest. This is my opinion and I am no artist, you still know your intent best.