Friday, December 10, 2010

Opening reception was a great success

Despite the weather 50 people showed up for some great art and music.  Thank you Tim O'Shea, Paudrig Buckley, Joan Greene and Ronnie Moore for the great music.  And to my sister in law Anne O'Keeffe for all her help with them wine and nibbles.  We sold 2 paintings on the night, and one the next day,   I was a good start. 

If you haven't been in I hope to see you soon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two New Pintings

Ross Castle Killarney 14" x 18"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

One Week Ago, I was just an artist

One week ago I was just an artist minding my own business.  I was just walking around the streets of Killarney looking at all the empty shops.  Two years ago there weren't any in Killarney.  How things can change in such a short time. 

I thought, now is the time to find a place to use as a gallery.  Rents will surly have to come down now.

I was walking past the the old market.  30 years ago they were restored by the council to be used as workshops for artist and craft worker.  Of course the rents were too high  for artist and the project never got off the ground.  They were sold off to a shop and sadly used as store rooms for all these years.  I noticed a group of twenty somethings working inside one of the units.  I asked what was going on and they said they were opening a cafe.  What?, I thought,  They are renting them out again after all these years?!  I immediately inquired about the units and was told they were all being rented out and there was only one left, and it was right next door the the cafe.  How much? I asked, and was surprised to hear they were offering a very low rent until the end of December.  Without blinking an eye I signed up!

That was a week ago.  After cleaning, filling hole in the wall and floors, sanding and painting and putting up picture rails, the first piece of art went on the walls. 

I have lived in Killarney for fifteen years, it is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland but there was an artistic void.  There was no artist center or theater, no artist asscocation, no group shows no where to exhibit your work.  No where for the public to see the talent that Killarney has to offer.  Well I can't build a theater but I can make a gallery.

With the help of my Husband Pat and brother in law Donie, one week later I have a gallery with 7 talented killarny and Kerry artists.  I am exhausted but so happy to have a dream come true.

My dad past away 5 weeks ago and left me a small amount of money and I took this and made the gallery happen.  I thought of him everyday I was in there painting and cleaning.  I am dedicating it to him.  He was a brilliant artist in his own right and I know he would be very proud

I hope to continue on with the Galley into the new year if I can afford the rent.  I would like to start a cooperative gallery and use the location to hold workshops and classes for the residents of Killarney.  It could be used as a hub for local artist and perhaps we can finally start an artist association, hold group shows and exhibit our work.  Thanks Dad for allowing me to fill one of my dreams

The gallery will be open On the 27th of November from 11 am until 7pm

The Cafe will be open the second week in December and the Gallery will have there opening reception on the 4th of December 7pm.  Please come by and support us

Walls and floors painted
Picture rails going up

Art work on the walls

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Artist Exhibiting in the Back Lane Gallery New Market Lane, Killarney

I am so excited to have 9 fantastic artist exhibiting in the Back Lane Gallery so far.  Please keep the 4th of December open because, you are Invited to the opening reception of the Back Lane Gallery from 7pm Until 9pm.  Ring in this Holiday Season with some Beautiful Kerry art. Have a glass or two of wine meet the artists and enjoy some local entertainment.

 Some of the exhibiting artists:

Tina Reed  (oils)

Gearoid O’Duinnin (mixed medium)
Olivia O'Carra (oils)

Roisin McGuigan

Deborah O'Keeffe (pastels)

 It's Christmas in Killarney

Tony Shiels
Muiriosa Murphy acrylic

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back Lane Gallery

Tony Sheils
Deborah O'Keeffe


Announcing the opening of the Back Lane Gallery in Killarney. The Gallery is located down Market Lane off of High Street behind Quills Woolen Market.  Just in time for Christmas and with the Christmas and will  be open for the Christmas in Killarney  
The Gallery will run a group exhibition from November 20th until the 6th of January.

The participating artist:

Tina Reed
Tony Sheils
Gearoid O'Duinnin

Olivia O'Carra
Roisin McGuigan
Geroid O'Duinnin
Deborah O'Keeffe

There will be an opening reception and live entertainment and refreshments on the 4th of December from 7pm until 10pm.

Please join up in celebrating the wonderful talent we have in Kerry!
For further information please call Deborah at 0873212948

Olivia O'Carra

Roisin McGuigan


Christmas in Killarney Artists wanted

I am opening a Christmas Gallery in Killarney. Right now I am have only rented the space until the end of December, with views of opening a permanent cooperative gallery. I am renting 6 feet of wall wall space to artists at a cost of 180.00 euros plus15% commission to help with the running cost of the Gallery, this is approx 30.00 Euro per week . The gallery is open from the 20th of November until the end 31st December. The gallery is off of the main street (behind Quills), There is a new Tapas and coffee bar opening next door. Killarney has a Christmas Market running each weekend in December up until Christmas.. I will be advertising in the local papers and handing out invitations at the Wine and Art night. I am offering pastel demonstrations and a few classes in the gallery in the evenings.. It will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am until 8pm. There will be an opening reception with entertainment on the 4th of December. If you are interested in exhibiting in the gallery please let me know as soon as possible'

Thank You

Deborah O'Keeffe

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Spent three week in Upstate New York.   It wasn't a holiday. Sadly I had to go home for my Dads funeral.  It was a sad time but a happy time as well.   Spending time with my family going through old pictures reminiscing about old times.

The foliage was stunning,  I haven't been back this time of year in many years.  I saw this tree while I was there.  And I thought, this one is for you dad,  Outstanding in you own field!
Standing alone
9" x 22"
Soft pastel on sanded paper

Outstanding in ones field
18" x 24"
Sot pastel on Wallis paper

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Culture Night Killarney

Lakes of Killarney 14" x 20" pastel on sanded paper 
6-11pm Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport,
New Road, Killarney.

Official opening at 6pm, music and refreshments
Exhibition of Killarney Area Artists
Music by the Killarney School of Music 6-7pm

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I live in Killarney one of the biggest tourist towns in Ireland.  Killarney is the largest town in County Kerry (known locally as ‘The Kingdom’). With a population of around 14,000 Killarney is nestled is in a deep valley in the MacGillicuddy Reeks, besides the Lakes of Killarney and part of the National Park.  Killarney has over a million visitors a year, this should be a great place for an artist to live work and sell their art.   So what could possibly be wrong?  

There are only two galleries in Killarney and one individual artist has his own gallery. There is no community art center no theater,  no cooperative galleries, no art associations or groups.  (If there are some they are quietly plugging away and I don't know about them and I appologize)  I find it very difficult to understand how a place of such beauty can seem so devoid of artistic spirit.  Ironically we are the home of the Irish Arts and tourism office.  

Oh! and  I almost forgot to mention that Killarney does have at least 14 book makers (betting offices for my non Irish readers) and over 30 pubs. Now that is something to be proud of. 

I often think about starting a cooperative Gallery myself, but the rents and the council tax and rates are out of most struggling artist price range ans is not an option.  There is so little opportunity for emerging  artist to show their work it is discouraging.   Killarney is missing out in an opportunity to high light the one of their greatest assets the local artists! 

So I keep plugging along and posting my work on Facebook and on my blog.  Getting wonderful feed back from my online friend that keep my spirits up and me motivated.  

I will do my little part and show the world that Killarney does have artistic spirit in the only way I know how,  through my  paintings
Killarney 14" x 20" soft pastel on sanded paper 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Facebook artists

My Facebook friends and their work

Facebook.  What an amazing thing social networking is.  I joined Facebook 2 years ago to keep in touch with my nephews in the US.  I didn't want to network, I had enough friends, so I would use it to post a few pictures and that would be that.  As the months and years went by, I started to find like minded people and slowly started to make new friends.  Most of the artist worked in pastels but I slowly met artist in all mediums. I admired their paintings, discussed methods, discovered new techniques and made lasting friendships.  Over the years these artist have been the most suportive and caring people I have never met.  (You know who you are)

I came in contact with a pastel artist named Alicia Sotherland. We started chatting and exchanging ideas.  I discovered she was going to do a work shop in France.  I had a brain storm!  Come to Ireland and do a workshop here!  As months went by the idea developed into reality.  Soon 10 artists and their partners from California, New York, England and Ireland arrived at the Lake Hotel in Killarney for a week of painting and socializing.  I had never met any of my Facebook friends in person, but I had formed a great bond with them.  When I finally met them it had felt like I had know them for years.  Hugs all around for all my old friends.

Unfortunately I know I will never have the opportunity to meet most of my new friends in person.  I do know that I would rather have them online, then not having them at all.
Plein Air water color by Mita highton

Pastel portrait by :Stephen Higton 
Workshop in the Lake Hotel Killarney

Student work
My completed work 
Alicia's demosttration
After workshop relaxation. Plein Air painting at the Lake Hotel Killarney

Plein air painting