Thursday, November 25, 2010

One Week Ago, I was just an artist

One week ago I was just an artist minding my own business.  I was just walking around the streets of Killarney looking at all the empty shops.  Two years ago there weren't any in Killarney.  How things can change in such a short time. 

I thought, now is the time to find a place to use as a gallery.  Rents will surly have to come down now.

I was walking past the the old market.  30 years ago they were restored by the council to be used as workshops for artist and craft worker.  Of course the rents were too high  for artist and the project never got off the ground.  They were sold off to a shop and sadly used as store rooms for all these years.  I noticed a group of twenty somethings working inside one of the units.  I asked what was going on and they said they were opening a cafe.  What?, I thought,  They are renting them out again after all these years?!  I immediately inquired about the units and was told they were all being rented out and there was only one left, and it was right next door the the cafe.  How much? I asked, and was surprised to hear they were offering a very low rent until the end of December.  Without blinking an eye I signed up!

That was a week ago.  After cleaning, filling hole in the wall and floors, sanding and painting and putting up picture rails, the first piece of art went on the walls. 

I have lived in Killarney for fifteen years, it is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland but there was an artistic void.  There was no artist center or theater, no artist asscocation, no group shows no where to exhibit your work.  No where for the public to see the talent that Killarney has to offer.  Well I can't build a theater but I can make a gallery.

With the help of my Husband Pat and brother in law Donie, one week later I have a gallery with 7 talented killarny and Kerry artists.  I am exhausted but so happy to have a dream come true.

My dad past away 5 weeks ago and left me a small amount of money and I took this and made the gallery happen.  I thought of him everyday I was in there painting and cleaning.  I am dedicating it to him.  He was a brilliant artist in his own right and I know he would be very proud

I hope to continue on with the Galley into the new year if I can afford the rent.  I would like to start a cooperative gallery and use the location to hold workshops and classes for the residents of Killarney.  It could be used as a hub for local artist and perhaps we can finally start an artist association, hold group shows and exhibit our work.  Thanks Dad for allowing me to fill one of my dreams

The gallery will be open On the 27th of November from 11 am until 7pm

The Cafe will be open the second week in December and the Gallery will have there opening reception on the 4th of December 7pm.  Please come by and support us

Walls and floors painted
Picture rails going up

Art work on the walls


Damien said...

Hi Deborah,

You're pastels are beautiful, really vibrant and full of colour. I am from Gneeveguilla in East Kerry and also dabble in pastels and I must say I am really impressed with your work. Please let me know about your classes for kids- I have a very promising 13year old and I would like very much to send her to you. Damien.

Ryan Evans said...

Congratulations on acheiving a dream! The gallery looks great- I hope you can keep it going too